Notorious Day Three … and Day Four

I’ve heard from a couple of different sources that Day 3 is the hardest day of this 21 day cleanse. Maybe that’s true! I’m glad it fell on a Saturday for me and I didn’t need to be at work, but I still managed to overschedule my day a bit, and had three notable things to do:

1. Go to Bodyworlds with my friend and colleague Shelly Stephhenson at 11AM. No eating allowed in the exhibit, I did have an apple in my pocket. Didn’t really get excited about it and was out of there in under an hour. I’d seen it the last time it was here, maybe four or five years ago.

2. Band practice at 3PM. Three hours. Ate a mandarin orange between sets. Got a little extra picky and critical by the end, not my best qualities but of course for the right reasons. For some reason my right fingertips hurt a lot like I was new at bass playing.

3. Michael DeLapp’s 50th birthday party at the Slammer Tavern at 8PM. This guy is a dear friend. One in a million. This was going to be an epic blowout, and I was going to be very sober and kind of hungry. It was still great, but we split at 10PM. There was drinks, friends, fireworks (BIG ones), and the drag queens had not even arrived yet. I had not received the invitation for this when I scheduled the cleanse or I seriously would have moved it. Oh well, I am not hungover today and that is a blessing.

Also, today is day 4 and the scale says I’ve lost three pounds! That makes me happy.

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Day Two of Twenty One!

Today went pretty well! Slept great and had good energy most of the day (started yawning around 4:30 but bounced back). I worked a busy day and stayed happy and grounded, I brought food to work and a big container of SP Complete smoothie and never got too hungry, although a couple of patients got to hear my stomach rumble!

Tonight I’ll go to New Seasons and stock up on more fresh veggies and frozen berries. Looking forward to more good sleep.


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Day One of Twenty One!

I’m on Day One of the Standard Process Purification program, it’s a 21 day cleanse. I am joined by seven others and we’re doing this as a group. First ten days is veggies, fruit and healthy fats only along with nutrient shakes you make fresh, and supplements designed to promote detoxification of the liver, kidneys, colon, and lymphatic system.

So far so good! I need to plan for tomorrow to be sure I bring enough food with me, today had some hungry moments. I just cooked some green lentils and had a little bowl. Very nice. I also has a green salad for lunch, and two SP shakes so far. The first one this morning was a little weird, I tried using an avocado, some ginger and a few blueberries with SP Complete and water. It really needed a banana! Kind of just nutrient sludge. I also forgot to add the Whole Food Fiber. My lunch smoothie was way better, strawberries (frozen), some fresh blueberries, Whey Pro whey protein, SP Complete, Whole Food Fiber and water. Very yummy. Tonight I’ll make kale chips and another salad, maybe a small yam, and one more smoothie.

Here’s how I made my lentils. I just had a bowl of them hot, drizzled with olive oil, and I will cool them off and make salad with them for tomorrow.

Rinse green lentils in a sieve. Put in a pot, cover with water, bring to a gentle boil then turn the heat down low. Salt them. Add a bay leaf. Cook on low until soft (you have to test them.) when they’re done, squeeze half a lemon into the pot. Dress with olive oil.

For the salad I will add finely chopped red onion, red pepper, a little jalapeno chopped super fine, and olive oil. I’ll take this to work alongside a green salad.

Need to get out for a walk. Here I go!

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Getting ready for the first 21-day cleanse of 2012!

Today I’m feeling extra excited to start my 21 day detox cleanse on January 4th 2012. Maybe it’s because I had some dessert last night that I really could have skipped (shared with great friends, though, does that mitigate?), and Friday night I just had too much fun at an awesome house party (with bands!) in our neighborhood. This time of year when it’s still dark at 7AM and then dark again at 4:30 PM just lends itself to partying, there’s no shortage of opportunity to eat something sugary on top of drinking. Seems like fun at the time!

I’m just the kind of person that thrives on structure. I like a program. The Standard Process Purification system, which I will be using, makes it pretty easy. You eat yummy salads, they give you recipes like Beet Salad with Oranges, Green Bean Salad, etc. and you make fresh dressings out of olive oil, citrus and flax oil. Your protein for the first 10 days comes from the Standard Process protein shake that you can have up to 3 per day. I have them all the time anyway, they’re a great fast breakfast option packed with nutrients. After 10 days you may add fish or chicken to your meals. Most people experience weight loss, 10-15 pound average, and lots of other benefits from improved function of the main organs of elimination, liver, kidneys, colon, lymph system, and skin.

I got a text message the other day from a friend who said “I simply can’t wait for the cleanse!!!”

I couldn’t agree more.


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Fun Stuff You Want In On

Many of you have met my new office manager/patient advocate/personal therapist Liz Feldman, she is great! We’re having a good time together making plans for the next phase of my practice and taking excellent care of everyone who comes for chiropractic and nutritional muscle testing.

Better Forever (my new business name!) is sponsoring the MusicFestNW GOLF TOURNAMENT hosted by Cravedog and McMenamin’s at the Edgefield on Thursday September 8th! This is a fun charity golf event to benefit Ethos Music Center. Liz and I will be there giving massages to all the messed up backs and elbows that go along with drinking while golfing! You should sign up! What a great excuse to golf and drink on a Thursday afternoon! Click Here to register!

ALSO the next free health talk is happening here at Better Forever on September 22 at 5:30 PM. The topic is the ever-popular Food Sensitivities: How You Got Them and What to Do. Please come! Call us up or email us sometime, we’d love to see you!

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Time to start this new blog

Its the last day in August and the first day to use this new blog site.  Looking forward to sharing and swapping information on healthy living.

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