Anxiety and Depression: Free Class 2/15/12

On Wednesday February 15 at 7PM I will be hosting a class at my office intended to inform and help people who have depression and anxiety.

Our long grey winters that often turn into long grey springs make Portland Oregon a hub of seasonal depression, but there are other key factors besides light that can lift a mood when identified and addressed. I’ll be discussing thyroid and adrenal health, blood sugar, frontal brain stress, and sleep quality.

People with anxiety need to have their thyroids and pituitaries checked for hyperactivity. These patients often have sleep issues and that will be discussed.

I’ll also be discussing muscle testing analysis, herbs, nutritional strategies, fish oils and homeopathic remedies that are helpful in certain cases.


About betterforeverpdx

Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiology/ Clinical Nutrition in Portland Oregon.
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