First Birthday while Cleansing!

Yeah, it’s my birthday, my 46th to be exact. Deep into the forties! Time flies. It’s also the 13th day of my 21 day cleanse. As of 2 days ago I have been adding some protein to the diet in the form of chicken and fish.

The cleanse is still going great, I feel lighter every day, I’m not hungry, unless I’m hungry, and then it’s more of an acknowledgement than an emergency.

I had a nice grapefruit today, a large strawberry and blueberry smoothie, an orange and a minneola tangelo early in the day. Todd and I ate dinner at Salty’s on the Columbia. We had a great table with a lovely river view. We had a large platter of fresh seafood, including oysters, shrimp, crab, and scallops. We had a delicious plate of wild Oregon mushrooms sauteed in garlic, and we had some delicious broccolini. Todd told the waitress it was his birthday, and he got a free piece of cake. She knew it was really my birthday!

I probably overate, but I don’t feel like I cheated. Tomorrow’s the third group meeting with my other cleansers.

Check out the legs! We did not eat all of this.


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