First Rock Show while Cleansing!

I play bass in a three piece rock band, Miss Massive Snowflake. Last night, on Day 10 of the cleanse (another notoriously tough day according to the experts) I had a gig! So I ate a nice dinner of brussel sprouts and a baked buttered sweet potato and went down to the club with an orange in my pocket. I won’t be needing those drink tickets, thank you!

Today is Day 11 and I get to have protein, either chicken or fish. I have both in the fridge. I’ll be having some baked cod and veggies for brunch, then I’m going in to the office for a full afternoon of work (I work one Sunday per month, it’s always popular). Baked chicken thighs is one of my favorite dinners.

I seem to have broken through and I lost 3 more pounds, 6 total. My skin, which has been a big problem for me the last 2 years, looks way way better! I’m really happy about that, I’d sacrifice the weight loss for clear skin.


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Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiology/ Clinical Nutrition in Portland Oregon.
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One Response to First Rock Show while Cleansing!

  1. Liz says:

    Soo excited for you, your band, and your skin!

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