Fun Stuff You Want In On

Many of you have met my new office manager/patient advocate/personal therapist Liz Feldman, she is great! We’re having a good time together making plans for the next phase of my practice and taking excellent care of everyone who comes for chiropractic and nutritional muscle testing.

Better Forever (my new business name!) is sponsoring the MusicFestNW GOLF TOURNAMENT hosted by Cravedog and McMenamin’s at the Edgefield on Thursday September 8th! This is a fun charity golf event to benefit Ethos Music Center. Liz and I will be there giving massages to all the messed up backs and elbows that go along with drinking while golfing! You should sign up! What a great excuse to golf and drink on a Thursday afternoon! Click Here to register!

ALSO the next free health talk is happening here at Better Forever on September 22 at 5:30 PM. The topic is the ever-popular Food Sensitivities: How You Got Them and What to Do. Please come! Call us up or email us sometime, we’d love to see you!


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Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiology/ Clinical Nutrition in Portland Oregon.
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